About Candice

The Petal Factory was created in 2003 shortly before I became a “Mom”.  I was looking forward to being home with our son but I also wanted a way to utilize my creative drive in life.  During my research, I discovered that there are several ways to preserve flowers but freeze-drying is the only natural process that does not involve chemicals (like silicon) and the flowers retain most of their original look and color. The process involves more time and effort but, the response we get from our customers, makes each event a uniquely special and satisfying experience.

A few years later, my love for flowers continued to “blossom” when I began learning the art of fresh flower arrangements for weddings. What I saw when dismantling a bridal bouquet to be preserved inspired me to create a more stable and unique wedding display that all those involved would be proud of.

From the smallest boutonniere, to the largest floral arrangement, it is with true passion and honor that I take a bride’s vision of her wedding flower décor and bring that vision to reality on her magical day. Remembering what was important to me on our wedding day inspires me to provide the little extras and personal touch with every arrangement I create.

— Candice Goodale

 “When you care enough to put your heart into your work, that passion will drive your creativity”  — unknown


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